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Biker Bravado Team

Biker Bravado was established in 2009 with the aim of training people to ride motorcycles confidently and safely.

Get ready to be inspired by a true and original motorcycle maverick! In 2009, Malcolm Tennant ignited the spark that became Biker Bravado, a haven for those yearning to ride with confidence and safety as their trusted companions.

Imagine the journey of the hundreds who once stood as beginners, now cruising the winds of freedom, all thanks to the Biker Bravado. Our secret? A ONE-ON-ONE APPROACH that’s as patient as it is empowering. Tailoring every session to your confidence level, we sculpt your skills while fostering an enjoyable, unshakeable foundation for secure motorcycling.

Malcolm’s story? It’s a symphony of wheels and dreams. He revved his passion for motorcycles from the earliest days, and his stint at Harley-Davidson opened his eyes to a calling. A calling to guide those in need towards 2-wheeled road safety mastery. And so, he embarked on a mission to empower fresh riders, and to enhance the skills of experienced riders, helping them own the road.

Biker Bravado, born in 2009, has bloomed into a tapestry of success stories. Beginners have transformed into conquerors of the road, all through their rendezvous with Biker Bravado. Our one-on-one mentorship, infused with patience and encouragement, tailors each interaction to your comfort zone. Picture sessions that fuel your enthusiasm and weave a bedrock of safe motorcycling expertise.

But wait, the excitement doesn’t stop there! Biker Bravado isn’t just about training; it’s about adventure. For the intrepid souls seeking to explore South Africa on two wheels, we offer an exhilarating touring component. Think handcrafted itineraries, handpicked accommodations, a palette of motorcycles, and routes that unveil the heart of the country. The road calls, and Biker Bravado answers with a resounding roar of excitement!

Even experienced riders can find their true potential elevated under Malcolm’s expert guidance. At Biker Bravado, we recognise that even seasoned motorcyclists might have unknowingly embraced a few bad habits along their journey. With Malcolm’s keen eye and wealth of experience, he’ll help you shed those risky behaviours and steer you towards a horizon of excellence. Let’s trade those compromising habits for a repertoire of outstanding practices, ensuring that every mile you cover becomes a step towards a safer, more rewarding adventure on the open road. Your journey is far from over, and Biker Bravado is here to ensure it’s a fulfilling, long-lasting ride.

Biker Bravado Touring


Owner/Senior trainer

Malcolm Tennant started Biker Bravado in 2009. Malcolm's interest in motorcycles started at an early age when riding off-road bikes on his uncle’s farm. Brand…

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