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5 Tips For Riding Safely

5 Tips for Riding Safely

Did your MOM ever tell you, “you will NEVER ride a Motorbike”? Or how about “girls can’t ride”? What about “Motorbikes are so dangerous they can kill you!” Whilst the first two statements may never be true, the third can be true. Motorbikes can be dangerous. Cars can be dangerous too. Well, not if they are left to stand on their own! But if ridden correctly, motorbikes can be safe, easy to handle, a great way to commute & skip traffic as well as a whole bunch of fun! See below for 5 Tips from Biker Bravado for riding safely:

1 – Be Aware

If it were just you on the road, with no other cars, bikes or people, you would STILL have to Be Aware of your surroundings. Potholes, slippery road surfaces and weather can all influence how you should ride.

2 – Ride Smart

Before you leave on your short journey plan your route. Even if it’s a short trip down the road to the shops, plan where you will be riding at what speed and what obstacles you may come across. Forethought is very powerful.

3 – Become What You See

Ever heard the saying “you become what you see”? The same can be said for riding. Visualisation is of utmost importance and this was mentioned in step 2. Forethought. Visualise your route before you ride it and then visualise your positive outcomes AS you ride. This can help you in sticky situations.

4 – Confidence

If you have taken a course with Biker Bravado Training School, you will certainly have improved your level of confidence. Confidence is very important. Remember its just you out there (even if you have a passenger) and you need to have confidence in yourself – you CAN do it!

5 – Enjoy

Becoming comfortable with your motorbike, your skills and knowledge is key to riding safely. You will have access to millions of positive thoughts and outcomes leaving you ready to enjoy your ride every time you hop on your bike!

We hope these helped! Safe riding 🙂

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