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Muhammad has a background in professional football. He wanted to use his knowledge of the human body to augment his unique experiences and skills. Later, graduating from one of the top fitness institutions in South Africa, The International College of Kinesis, he formed his own fitness company.

Muhammad then expanded the business to offer his clients both fitness and life coaching. He renamed his business Phoenix Fit Life. Using his passion for people and motorbikes, he subsequently qualified as a motorbike instructor. His unique fitness and life coaching background enabled him to create the Bike Fit Program with Biker Bravado. This program, exclusive to Biker Bravado, offers superior training to both learners and advanced riders. This combines the technical aspects of how to ride with the physical abilities required to increase your safety on the road and improve performance.

From cruisers to superbikes, Muhammad has the skills and knowledge to help you ride the bike of your dreams.

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